The Future of Digitised Assets

Paving a path to a new way of digitising traditional securities.

What is an STO

Security Token Offering(STO) allows people to tokenise different types of assets with the aim of raising money from investors all over the world, converting illiquid assets to liquid asssets by adapting Blockchain technology. The crypto assets tokens can be tethered to securities such as crypto bonds/ equity shares/ assets. 


Types of Tokenisation

Real Estate

Tokenise the square footage of your real estate to open up a new investment market


Tokenise to receive instant liquidity on assets that you own

Company Shares

Tokenise your company shares to raise funding without the cost of running an IPO.

Intellectual Property

Tokenise your intellectual property to help increase liquidity on the open market



We provide consulting services to better help market your Security Token Offering (STO) to potential investors. LABS will help to formulate your business and marketing plans for the greatest success possible.

Tokenization of Asset

LABS can help tokenize your asset with our tokenization platform which will allow you to hold your investors all on one ledger and issue digital shares of your assets all in one secure location controlled by the power of blockchain technology.


LABS will make sure all your investors are compliant via KYC/AML. We will give advice on how best to handle all types of investors from Family Office, VC's and high network individuals. We also can offer you the best lawyers for whichever jurisdiction your token is located.

Our Services

Liquified Asset Backed Securities

LABS Solutions industry-leading experts become your partner throughout the process of turning your idea into a profitable business.We guide our clients through every step of structuring and launching STOs, setting up crypto funds and tokenising assets like fund interests, real estate, equity/ debt instruments. 



Cannabis STO

Cryptopot is the next generation of Finch, leveraging Blockchain technology to bring investors to venture capital investments. It is led by a group of professionals from Canada, investing venture equities focusing on medical use Marijuana, CBD and its infused products. 



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